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How The World Can Prevent Risks for Green/Sustainable offers for accountable added value Investments.

Inform us by your accountable reporting of the added value and the efforts which improve your results neutralizing the footprint of your organizations - companies.

In consulting about your information, we will publish the efforts and ambitions of your organization - company. In consulting your Pr/marketing we can use the icon EcoCient with the pay off: (name of your company.....) Futureproof Excellent Award.

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EcoNoLogical analyses

the Triple E of the Eco-EffiCient criteria:
Ecological - Economic - Efficiency:

EcoCient:Futureproof Excellent Award.

What we need for the communication of our green transition, reduction our footprint, and energy, CO2 (Added Values) etc. is a household accountable appointment to make the added value clear and in a ranking between other reports with the Eco-Cient outcomes.

I think the idea of WEF and a metric measurement programme software instrument would help our efforts accountable. I had the concept idea for...the economic, ecological, efficient and understandable outcome...EcoCient...Makes it also easy for investors to choose the best score. And less risk for investors in the long term.

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Ger van Beek

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