Technologies in sustainability and energy

New technologies in sustainability and energy


The 4 next big technologies in sustainability and energy and a special Smart Start Up in The Netherlands, for smart charging electrical cars with smart charging stations by LaadVOL B.V.

From a new EV charging technology we are trying to make the world a more sustainable place.

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Special Global News
As the climate crisis brings surging emissions and energy unpredictability, companies are working to shore up resources and shake up systems. Businesses are designing sustainable materials in fashion and construction, and launching ambitious carbon-capture tech. Others are rethinking how our entire infrastructure and grid systems should operate in an unprecedented new age.

For tackling energy efficiency around the office
Aware that commercial buildings cause a third of greenhouse gas emissions, Enlighted targeted those spaces for boosting efficient energy usage. It installs patented sensors in office lighting, controlling its intensity and color temperature. It’s rolled out its smart lighting around the world, including within the NHS, University of California Santa Barbara, and Geodis, whose French offices have saved 90% on energy.

For democratizing electric vehicle charging
Charging infrastructure isn’t keeping up with rapid EV adoption. Itselectric has turned to an abundant city resource: buildings. It’s a way to increase access, especially in underappreciated areas, since millions of urban drivers don’t have access to garages or driveways. Now operating in Detroit and Brooklyn, the company connects its unobtrusive chargers to buildings, using part of their power—and shares its revenue with the buildings to offset 80% of their electric bills.

For converting food waste into new food streams
Food scraps inundate landfills and emit methane, a greenhouse gas 80 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Mill provides a circular alternative: With a membership model starting at $33, customers fill up their pedal-assisted Mill bin with scraps over several weeks, letting the device shrink and dehydrate the food. When full, Mill picks up the resulting dry grounds and reuses them—as chicken feed.

Swell energy
For granting power-security peace of mind to homeowners
Swell Energy‘s lithium-ion home batteries provide power backup for ordinary homeowners and businesses. To face the looming threat of blackouts in the era of climate change and over reliance on the electric grid, homes can store excess solar energy and save it for later—providing security and more stable costs. Swell now partners with utilities from New York to Hawaii to create “virtual power plants” that aggregate thousands of home batteries to optimize resources.

The companies behind these technologies are among the honorees in Fast Company’s Next Big Things in Tech awards for 2023. See a full list of all the winners across all categories and read more about the methodology behind the selection process.


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