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David de Rothschild, send your ideas and innovative solutions to: Sculpt the Future Foundation promotes positive environmental change towards global sustainability by supporting creative, innovative and sustainable action.

Sculpt The

David de Rothschild is an adventurer, environmentalist, eternal optimist. Driven by his immeasurable curiosity for the natural world, he has ventured to some of the most remote and fragile ecosystems on our planet in order to bring widespread attention and innovative solutions to urgent global environmental issues. With numerous adventures, several books, a TV series, alongside being recognized by UNEP as Climate hero and National Geographic as an Emerging Explorer, David is always debating, collaborating and innovating solutions for a more sustainable planet and driving individuals and groups alike to unlock their human potential and dream big.

Sculpt the Future Foundation awards small grants to individuals and groups.

Grants of £500 - £2,000 are usually awarded, although sometimes more is available for exceptional projects at the Trustees discretion.

Grants will be awarded in two main categories

Creativity for Change
Waking people up to rethinking their attitudes and behaviours will play a key role in ensuring a sustainable future for our planet. We look to support socially conscious campaigns or events that utilise the creative arts, with a focus on new media, to inspire and inform environmentally positive action on a mainstream level.

Innovation for Change Overcoming the challenges to a sustainable future will require rethinking the solutions. We support the thinkers and doers who design innovative solutions to today's environmental problems.


Applicants must meet the following criteria:

Applicants must demonstrate how their project fits into either the Creativity for Change or Innovation for Change category
Applicants must show that their project is sustainable, with clear, measurable deliverables towards an identified goal
Applicants will be expected to be accountable to the Foundation and deliver bi-annual reports on the progress of the project, with a clear record of how the grant money is spent
Applicants must make clear that the grant range available from the Foundation will make a meaningful contribution to the project for which funding is being sought
Apply for a grant

David Enthoven is joint Managing Director of ie:music, a music management company representing: Ladyhawke, Robbie Williams, Jake Emlyn and Passenger (amongst others), with his partner Tim Clark. They have also expanded their base to invest in This is Music (Findlay Brown, Little Boots and Simian Mobile Disco). In the late sixties and seventies, during his time at EG Records [Enthoven was the E of EG], David managed: King Crimson, T. Rex, ELP, Roxy Music, Bryan Ferry and Brian Eno. One of the most experienced managers in the business, Davids philosophy, shared by Tim, is that the artist is paramount.

David Glick founded Edge Group, a specialist investment and advisory business for the entertainment and media sector, the company behind Edge Performance VCT, the UKs largest venture capital trust with investments in live events, family entertainment, mobile apps and social media marketing, among others. Previously a practising solicitor, David has represented some of the biggest companies, most powerful executives and successful artists and performers in the entertainment industry. David has a strong interest in environmental and charitable issues. David is married with two children and lives in London.

Katie Ardern is General Manager, Muze Corporation, DBA Mpact and a member of the Boards of Plastiki Film Co, Xploration Holdings, Seretex Inc, Myoo Media Inc. Katie has been the General Manager of Adventure Ecology and Myoo Media Inc, the team behind the Plastiki, since 2006; and prior to that worked for 5+ years at Brand Entertainment / Creative Consultancy, Cake Group, London.

Anthony de Rothschild

Sculpt the Future Foundation is a registered charity (1113144) founded in 2006 by David de Rothschild, whose commitment to the environment has sent him to some of the worlds most remote and fragile regions in order to bring widespread media attention and, moreover, solutions to urgent global environmental issues.

The aim of Sculpt the Future Foundation is to promote positive environmental change towards global sustainability by supporting creative, innovative and sustainable action.

We recognise that a little money can go a long way with youth driven, grass roots organisations and small initiatives whose biggest assets passion and commitment come free of charge.

The Foundation has no endowment and will also seek to increase the Foundations resources over time to support more young people inspired by Davids adventures.


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