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Shaping the energy future

Energy is vital for producing food, fuelling transport, and offering communication channels across the world. As the global population rises, more people are moving out of poverty and gaining access to energy. All sources will be needed to meet growing needs in a sustainable way. Everyone has a part to play. At Shell we use advanced technologies and take an innovative approach to help deliver more, cleaner energy and find ways to use energy more efficiently.

More than 9 billion people are expected to live on Earth by 2050, up from 7 billion today. Asia's fast-growing cities will absorb much of this growth, with three in four people living in urban centres. Billions of people will rise out of energy poverty.

As living standards improve for many across the world and more people buy their first refrigerators, computers or cars, energy use will rise. Total global energy demand could rise by up to 80% by mid-century from its level in 2000.

A range of sources will be needed to supply this vital energy over the coming decades. Up to 30% of the world's energy mix could come from renewables in 2050, with fossil fuels and nuclear providing the rest. At Shell we are finding ways to provide energy from cleaner sources and help customers use energy more efficiently.

More, cleaner, smarter energy

Shell plans to spend $100 billion from 2011-2014 to support new energy production. We are entering more challenging environments to unlock new resources and boosting production from existing fields. At the same time, we are using new technologies and an innovative approach to limit our impact on the environment and find effective ways to engage with communities near to our operations.

We are developing cleaner energy sources, such as natural gas, the cleanest burning fossil fuel. From the extraction of the fuel to the generation of electricity, natural gas power plants emit around half the CO2 of coal power plants. Natural gas complements wind and solar power, which need a highly flexible backup supply when the wind stops or the sun goes down.

For our customers we offer advanced fuels and lubricants to help boost fuel efficiency, as well as driving tips and programmes to help save fuel.

We believe the most practical, commercially viable way to reduce CO2 from transport fuels over the next 20 years will be lower-carbon biofuels. Already one of the largest suppliers of biofuels, we have moved into biofuel production. Through the RaĆ­zen joint venture in Brazil, we are producing the lowest-carbon biofuels commercially available today in the form of ethanol from Brazilian sugar cane.

Out on the roads, our technology allows surfaces to be laid at lower temperatures, with lower CO2 emissions.

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Retail shareholders should use the contact details listed on the Shareholder enquiries page .

Enquiries from institutional shareholders may be directed to:

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Investor Relations
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Investor relations team Europe

Peter van Driel
Vice President Investor Relations, Europe

Peter van Driel is responsible for all contacts and relationship management with current and potential institutional shareholders of Royal Dutch Shell plc. in Europe. He joined Shell in 1991 and has held various finance positions in Downstream, Trading and Upstream, such as Distribution Finance Manager for Europe, Business Finance Manager Russia, and Head of Corporate M&A and Commercial Finance for the Americas and later for Upstream International. Before taking up his current role in March 2013, Peter was based in the United Kingdom, the Philippines, Russia and the USA.
Languages: English, Dutch, German

North America

Ken Lawrence
Vice President Investor Relations, North America

Ken Lawrence joined shell in 1982 as a Petroleum Engineer. He has had 20+ years of Upstream experience and has been working in Investor Relations since 2006.

JJ Traynor
Executive Vice President Investor Relations

JJ Traynor heads up Shell's Investor Relations team, and is based in The Hague. JJ has a PhD in geology, and has worked extensively in oil & gas exploration projects earlier in his career. Prior to joining Shell in 2005 he was Managing Director of Global Oil & Gas Research at Deutsche Bank.

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