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MOVE Meter, sustainable urban mobility planning


MOVE Meter: sustainable urban mobility plans specialists

This scan provides national government, regions and municipalities understanding of accessibility both now and after taking measures.

What is the MOVE Meter?

The MOVE Meter is an online tool for analysing, planning and scenario-building in urban development. It provides online insight in the effects of mobility, traffic and environmental planning.

The MOVE Meter is your tool to build a smart moving world.

improve public transport /// reduce congestion /// build healthy city

How does it work?

The MOVE Meter uses the enormous potential of data and ‘big data’ sources (e.g. gps, gsm, HERE data, traffic information). The advantages:

*accurate and visual insight
*it saves time & costs, less than 10 minutes per scenario
*it’s easy to use (even for non-traffic experts)

better traffic flow /// reduce travel time /// promote cycling

For a wide range of experts

The MOVE Meter is the solution for a wide range of experts and professionals:

*consultants, (civil) experts and decision makers in mobility, traffic and urban planning local, regional and national governments
*professionals and experts in safety services, police, city marketing, event planning, outdoor advertising, etc.

optimize parking capacity /// reduce car usage /// show trips from-to /// improve road capacity

A proven concept

The MOVE Meter is designed for urban areas. The MOVE Meter is developed and widely used in the Netherlands, one of the world’s most densely populated countries in the world, with heavy use of the networks for bicycle, public transport and cars.

better environment /// reduce CO2 / NOx emissions /// less noise

How many, and between what areas, do we see short trips?
How many, and which services for residents, are within my reach?

Mobility has a price. The negative impacts such as emissions, noise and congestion are also made clear by this scan. But the scan does more than displaying the effects of mobility. You can also use the tool to forecast the effects of interventions. For example, by adding spatial developments or to adjust the travel behavior of people. It's up to you to judge whether your interventions lead to the desired effects.
The scan is available to all governments. Once linked with the own traffic and environmental model of the region or municipality it has swift access to information on travel times, traffic conditions and emissions.

Getting Started

The MOVE Meter is intended for all professionals involved in the related themes of environment, space, accessibility and traffic and transportation. The mobilityscan makes it possible tounderstand thecauses of problemsandconsequences for yourpolicysuggestionsfor each of thesethemes.

Want to learn more?

Learn more about using the MOVE Meter for your organization? Contact Marcel van Lieshout ( ) or call (+31 (0) 6 22 37 89 87)

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