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Wearable Keyboard Makes You Move If You Want To Write An Email

You got used to your current keyboard, you can get used to another, more active one.

Even in today�s mobile computing world, most office workers spend the day hunched over their keyboards barely blinking an eyelid. The Key Bod provides a solution to get everyone moving, even when we still have to those dreaded TPS reports to do.

A design concept created by Nitcha Fame Tothong, an MFA student at the Parsons School of Design in New York, the Key Bod "explores the mechanical relationship between the body, mind, and digital environment."

has always noticed that when in front of a computer for long time periods, people stop noticing their bad posture and sedentary days. She wanted to imagine alternative future interactions that make an unconscious posture much more conscious.

Her prototype, presented at the New York City Media Lab Summit in September, is a semi-transparent sheath that has various programmable keys all over the body�on the arms, chest, and back of the shoulder. Just as everyone has to first learn the muscle memory to type quickly on a regular keyboard, she believes with a lot of practice, someone could become a proficient body typist. The difference would be that they are moving and changing the direction of their body in their movements, not just using their fingers.

The Key Bod is also useful even if you are typing at a regular keyboard setup. It can also be programmed to send a warning message to your screen every time you lean too far forward, for example.

Thought it�s just a prototype concept for now, Tothong next wants to explore other wearable office gear. She imagines a shoe covering that would allow a person to kick or tap their feet when they want to click their mouse. If she has her way, soon way may all be dancing in the office, and that wouldn�t be such a bad thing.

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