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"With the recent increase in financial market volatility, the fog around the world economic outlook has thickened," the IMF said as it and the World Bank launch spring meetings this week in Washington.

"Uncertainty is high and the balance of risks has shifted firmly to the downside so long as the financial sector remains unsettled," the Fund added.

The IMF is now forecasting global real GDP growth at 2.8% for 2023 and 3.0% for 2024, marking a sharp slowdown from 3.4% growth in 2022 due to tighter monetary policy.

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Video UN IPCC report:Synthesis Report - Address by Secretary-General António Guterres

Summarizing the entire IPCC report in 5 minutes featuring @ClimateAdam
Mar , 2023


The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change just released their synthesis report: the final piece of the Sixth Assessment Report. With the help of @ClimateAdam let’s take a look at what it actually says.

Read the Summary for Policymakers:
Read the Full Report: Read the full report

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