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(Thermische zonne energie)

Kingspan's strategic move towards low and zero carbon technologies includes solar thermal (vacuum tube or flat plate) hot water package solutions, solar cooling solutions and solar photovoltaic (thin film tandem) systems, all of which are suitable for new or existing building integration.

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Solar thermal systems (heating and cooling)

Kingspan provides a range of renewable energy solutions. Solar Thermal Systems deliver up to 70% of a buildings hot water for space and water heating.

This is supplied as total packages for building integration and user operation. Available with either vacuum tube or flat plate solar thermal collector panels.

Solar photovoltaic

Solar Photovoltaic Systems are a proven method of providing renewable electricity. The rising cost of energy is now making solar photovoltaic systems increasingly financially viable, particularly within feed-in tariff (FIT) and grant supported markets.

Hot water storage

Hot water storage solutions that offer copper cylinder combination units and high performance stainless steel unvented cylinder units in over four hundred different sizes, types and patterns.

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