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Projects focus on making a strategic impact on an emerging business for IBM and are driven from across IBM product development, services, and research areas. You are guaranteed a challenging and diverse internship experience!

Extreme Blue projects
are varied-focusing on topics in business opportunities such as Cloud Computing, Web 2.0, Web Services, Virtualization and other emerging technologies. Extreme Blue projects also represent and potentially impact all of IBM's core businesses in the areas of hardware, software, services and research.

Early in the internship, you and your fellow interns will set a series of goals: baseline, target and stretch. Your project sponsors and mentors will bank on your fresh ideas to make your project extreme-so your input is critical. And at the end of the project, you will have a chance to show off your work to the key decision-makers within the company.

Be sure to read more about previous Extreme Blue projects that were either integrated into IBM products or donated to the open source community.

If you're up to the challenge and want to make a difference by contributing to a new or existing technology in these exciting areas-the Extreme Blue internship experience is designed for you.

Project success stories

exSEL GameGrid Extreme thinking helps

The Extreme Blue program is IBM's premier internship program for top-notch students pursuing software development and MBA degrees.

Once selected into the program, you will become part of a team working in one of the 15 Extreme Blue labs worldwide. Your team's challenge is to develop the technology and business plan for a new product or service that addresses an existing market challenge.

Through the program, interns have submitted more than 400 patent disclosures and have made more than sixty open source contributions to the open source community. They helped create solutions for key clients and bring-to-market the next generation of IBM products. Not bad for just 12 weeks of work.

Unlike other intern programs that may relegate you to work on outdated technology, the Extreme Blue teams work on leading technology that helps grow your skills and evolve you into a more attractive candidate in the technology field. Interns in this high-performance environment get to roll up their sleeves and work with "hot" technologies such as Cloud Computing, Web 2.0, and petabyte-scale data analysis

What's the internship like? Check it out. Watch this video made by our interns in Raleigh,NC:Click

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