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Merlin Worlds Most Sustainable Data Center

A decisive leap forward in data center design principles.

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Merlin is Capgeminis newest data center. Located in Swindon, UK, it is a state-of-the-art facility that breaks new ground in terms of data center design and construction principles. It will provide Capgemini clients with cost-effective, secure, resilient, flexible and environmentally considerate services.

Sustainability has been at the heart of the Merlin project all the way from location selection, design and construction, through to the day-to-day operation of the site. Among Merlins key sustainability achievements are:
-An expected PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of 1.10
-Built to LEED standard an independent and internationally recognized green building accreditation.
-A fresh air cooling system that delivers 80% savings in run costs and produces up to 50% less carbon emissions
-Power savings of 91% compared to an industry average data center (with a PUE of 2.5)
-The elimination of batteries in the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) thanks to the application of innovative flywheel technology.

All of this has been achieved while fulfilling some of the industrys most rigorous security and resiliency demands

Download this Capgemini white paper to find out more about the incredible story behind Merlin, including:
-The challenge faced
-How sustainability was at the heart of every stage of the project
-The challenges faced and overcome
-Technical specifications
-What this means for Capgemini clients.

Data Center & Infrastructure Services

Data is central to every companys operations. As it increases in importance and volume, the support of a trusted service provider becomes more important. Capgeminis Data Center and Infrastructure Services provide you with robust, proven solutions to ensure optimal IT support for your business.

[Capgemini] has a solid, well-funded, forward-looking strategy for the infrastructure business, particularly in the future of cloud/utility-based services via budding partnerships with Google and Amazon.

The Foundation for Business-Enabling IT

For decades, Capgemini has been working with industry-leading technology partners to provide Data Center and Infrastructure Services to a wide range of clients from a wide variety of sectors and demographic regions.

Our Data Center and Infrastructure Services portfolio includes hosting and managed facilities to server consolidation and virtualization.

Providing the Infrastructure for Secure, Sustainable Services

Our Data Center and Infrastructure Services respond quickly to your changing needs to ensure appropriate service levels and are:
Cost effective: reduce the total cost of your IT operations by up to 30%
Secure: focus on business objectives and maintain peace of mind, as our physical and logical security has been tested to military standards
Flexible: bridge the gap between traditional on-premise enterprise architecture and the public cloud through our Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering, which combines the operational "pay-as-you-go cost model with the security of a direct connection to your network
Sustainable: tap into a network of energy-efficient sites, including one of the most sustainable data centers in the world
Resilient: benefit from 99.9% system availability

We have no allegiance to any specific technology vendor. In fact, we have strong alliances with all the major hardware providers. This means we work with you to select the hardware infrastructure that is sufficiently mature for adoption and that will most effectively address your business needs and objectives.

Tap into a Global Network of Energy-Efficient Data Centers

In addition to ensuring the security, resilience and cost-effectiveness of our data centers, we are committed to improving the energy efficiency of our data center network. All of our data centers have Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) ratings that are better than the industry average.

Our Merlin Data Center is the best example of our commitment to environmentally responsible IT. Sustainability is central to Merlin, playing a key role in the facilitys industry-leading PUE, its location, design and construction and the sites day-to-day operation.

Leveraging Cloud Computing for a More Integrated IT Architecture

IT estates can include bespoke legacy systems through to off-the-shelf productivity solutions.
Increasingly, cloud-based solutions are being considered as part of this picture.

At Capgemini, we do not believe cloud is the answer to every question. However, our extensive experience in introducing our clients to cloud technologies and our status as first service provider to bring public cloud services to the enterprise space has shown us that cloud computing is sufficiently mature to be adopted as an extension of, not replacement for, existing delivery platforms.

In practical terms, we envisage a Compute Continuum that runs from proprietary, discrete assets dedicated to a specific function, through the emergence and adoption of best practice in estate management, virtualization, consolidation


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