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In an era in which single platform computer networks are becoming an integral part of the organizations activity, it is essential that your network be set up and managed by top professionals.

Bezeq International is proud of its list of customers already benefiting from the Companys knowledge, experience and unique integration capabilities. These capabilities stem - inter alia - from the unique combination of Internet supplier and entity specializing in understanding unique customer needs and planning, setting up, managing and maintaining customer-tailored integrated computer-communication networks. Risk analysis and advanced security solutions, storage and backup services, managed telephony services, etc - all of these are only part of what Bezeq Internationals expertise can contribute to your business. In order to propose the most advanced and effective solutions with the most innovative technologies, Bezeq International has business partnerships with the worlds leading and most advanced equipment manufacturers such as Check Point Microsoft, HP, Juniper, Cisco, McAfee and others - all in order to ensure that your business integration needs are ideally met.

Bezeq International.
Your one-stop business integration supplier.

Internet for business:
Bezeq International Business enables you to connect your business using a range of connectivity solutions and advanced communication services including Internet access through any type of access line: Relay lines, Sifranet Frame Relay, ADSL, ISDN and ATM, with high reliability network connectivity.

Data security solutions:
Corporate customers who are connected to the Internet are exposed to attacks aimed at penetrating the organizations local network and disrupting its activity, thereby exposing sensitive business information and potentially even disabling its operation. Bezeq International Business provides a range of data security solutions such as:
Anti-virus, anti-spam and anti-spyware protection.
Solutions for protecting against network intrusions, data security equipment, and a central firewall.
E-mail encryption service that enables the transmission and receipt of secure and encrypted e-mail.

Voice solutions:
Bezeq International Business offers a range of high-quality options for telephone communication to and from overseas at reasonable cost, using the most advanced technologies. We are aware that your connection to the world is of vital importance to your business - therefore our aim is to help you maintain it in the best way possible, through a range of solutions:
Solutions for dialing abroad from Israel
Solutions for dialing from overseas and enabling you to maintain ties with Israel and the rest of the world even while you are away

Solutions for dialing from home and charging your business

Solutions for audio and video conference calls.

Bezeq International is proud to place Israels most advanced server farm at your disposal. Bezeq Internationals modern server farm offers you website or server hosting on the most advanced platforms, thereby ensuring high survivability and reliability, including the option to hire a dedicated server, as well as to obtain a range of advanced services:
Server administration - server administration and maintenance, including full technical support and fault handling
Streaming - storage of media files in various formats and links to them from the customer website

Storage service - large-volume information

Clearing - online credit card clearing for websites and servers, including the option to acquire SSL certificates
Remote file backup service - backup of customer files from PCs at the office to a dedicated system at the server farm
Backup services - automatic backup of servers stored at the server farm.

Bezeq International Ltd. (BI), Israels leading Internet and International Telecommunications provider, was founded in 1996 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bezeq, the Israeli Telecom Corp. Ltd., and is part of the countrys largest and leading telecom group. BI is the leading company in all its main areas of activity, providing comprehensive communications solutions in Internet, Telephony (International, Domestic and Organizational), IT and Cloud Computing Services, Hosting, Data Communication and Information Security Solutions.

Leading Broadband Internet in Israel

In 1999, BI has entered the Internet market and today, possessing approximately 36% of the market. BI is Israels leading ISP, enjoying the highest and most remarkable rate of growth. The companys outstanding efficiency and performance have been achieved thanks to its highly skilled personnel, high-speed infrastructures and utilization of the worlds most advanced technologies.

Excellence in Service

BI was the first Israeli telecom company that revolutionized its views and services from a company providing products to one that meets customers needs. Customer-focused activities enable BI to provide each customer with tailored services. BIs high-quality service and its accompanying professional support are the cornerstones of the company. This investment in service proved itself in 2010 when BI was chosen for the third consecutive year as a leading company in the service experience it provides to customers.

The Highest Income and Profits in Its Field

Correct preparedness by BI for changing trends in the Israeli communications market and in addition, investment in Internet growth, alongside development of additional engines of growth, have helped the company to maintain its leading position with the highest income and profits in its field. BI has recently expanded its activities, which are based on its advanced IP services, and extended its IT solutions for businesses. The result was record turnover of over NIS 1.4 billion in 2010, reinforcing BIs No. 1 position.

Top-Tier International Agreements

BI has established strategic alliances with various international mega-telecom companies and with leading telecommunications, data communication, computer and Internet providers, in order to be able to serve its customers with the highest quality, standards and reliability. Among the leading alliances are those with BT for global Data Communication services, with a long list of International leading software and hardware manufacturers for communication services, such as: Cisco, Juniper, Nortel, Fortinet, Aladdin, Microsoft, EMC, Avaya, Check Point and LG.

At the Forefront of Technology

BI invests in the development and introduction of additional advanced services, enabling customers to utilize cutting-edge global technology. The companys broadband subscribers enjoy the use of a separate network the Private NGN which provides them with the best Internet access experience. In November 2010, BI engaged with Alcatel Lucent Submarine Networks in an agreement for the establishment of an independent international fiber optic system between Israel and Western Europe. The underwater optic cable that BI will lay, uses the most advanced and innovative technology in the world for data transmission and makes BI the first Israeli company to wholly own an advanced international network that will enable customers to enjoy the largest bandwidth and highest quality performance. BI offers a wide range of advanced telecom services, such as global and domestic VPRN and MPLS, as well as high-speed, always-on Internet services through a variety of broadband technologies, such as ATM, Private Leased Circuits, Metro, ADSL, Wi-Fi and Cables.

BIs customers also enjoy Israels largest Internet Data Center, which is one of the most advanced in the world. The Internet Data Center, based on green technology, provides a wide range of services for hosting and storing servers, and websites, as well as a wide portfolio of designated services. BI also offers services such as telephony using Voice over IP, LAN-to-LAN connection, single-provider connection of multiple corporate branches, backup services, constant monitoring and reporting services. The company also specializes in installing, maintaining and supporting intra-organizational telephony systems. The company provides data communications and information security solutions for businesses of all sizes, routers and other telecom equipment. BI provides and supports wireless network services, as well as the latest equipment for summoning colleagues worldwide for meetings via video/audio conference. In traditional telephony. BI allows its customers to enjoy the latest technology: The company utilizes a switching system (Soft Switch) that provides Intelligent Network (IN) services for international calls using the smartest, most cost-effective method.

Leading in IT Solutions

BIs accumulated experience as an international telecom and Internet service provider has enabled BI to acquire expertise in planning, setting up and managing complex, integrated, computerized communications networks. The company specializes in providing advanced products and IT solutions, and considers itself a significant factor that hastens the promotion of the cloud computing revolution in the Israeli market. BIs cloud computing activities have had a substantial effect on all aspects of the companys computer infrastructure endeavors through to the conversion of traditional IT and communications activities into an IT as a service business model. The company has already won dozens of huge scale tenders of respectable leading companies in the Israeli economy.

Facing the Future

No doubt, BIs impressive growth and market leadership is expected to continue at the same high rate in the coming years. This leadership is built on quality service, technological excellence and a clear business vision attributes which reflect BIs strength

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